Our office provides the following accounting and tax services:

  1. Keeping and supervising companies in haplographic and bibliographic books.

2. Responsible and reliable compilation of statements:

  • Income tax (professionals – companies – individuals).
  • Calculation of the settlement note accurately and responsibly.
  • Large Real Estate Tax
  • VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Employee Services Tax
  • Third party and self-employed payroll tax.
  • MYF (customers – suppliers).
  • Book updates using mydata system.

3. Solution of tax arrears.

4. Payroll Calculation and Personnel Management.

5. Managment of subsidy programs for new jobs and new professionals, through OAED.

6. Individual Enterprises and Company creation.

7. Company Transformations – Terminations – Liquidations.

8. Online submission of declarations (Tax declarations of Natural & Legal Persons, VAT declarations, MYF, OAED forms, SEPE forms, etc).

9. Submission of various applications.